The Vancouver Monastic Center is a home for Western monks in the Vancouver area. The brain child of Lama Karma Tsewang Samdrup, the monastery is open to Western monks of any recognized Buddhist monastic lineage who are interested in pursuing Buddhism.

Lama Tsewang began the three year retreat under the Venerable Kalu Rinpoche in Canada in 1982. First ordained in 1977, he returned his vows and married and had a son. However, at the age of five, his son expressed interest in becoming a monk, so they both ordained as shramanera in 2004. The summer of 2005 Lama Tsewang again took Gelong (Bikshu – full monk) vows. Realizing that many Western monastics do not have the support to fully pursue their study and practice of the Dharma, Lama Tsewang has graciously opened his home with a view to create a monastery for Western ordained

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